Monday, January 21, 2008

Why the hell?!

Why did I decide to create a blog? (I hate that non-word so much I shuddered at the typing of it and lost my train* of thought.) **What the flip is a "train of thought"?**

Anyway; why? Because I feel so freaking censored everywhere else I post. I sugar coat and dance around subjects so as not to offend people and its BS. I need a place to unleash the bitch and people can like it or not.

Who am I? Not sure where I stand on this do I remain anonymous or is that counter productive to the being me without censorship thinger.. or is it just good common sense. For now I like anoymity I'll reveal what I feel like revealing when I feel like revealing it... kind of like a date baby. You've got to earn it. LOL

Oh and a warning now: Do not expect correct punctuation or any of that bologna. I dont think I ever had a teacher who cared enough to make me care about it. I'll write it the way the voices in my mind say it to me.

Thats all for now. Dont expect regular updates, I kind of suck like that.