Friday, November 21, 2008

So I'm a horrible updater. I think what happened is I slipped up and bought something (a dvd I've wanted for a long time) and was ashamed to post about it. Well I did, I felt bad and then I moved on.

N went forward with his computer purchase so now we have that too. Sigh Otherwise we're doing really well. I havent even been to Joanns for notions. I've been in a sewing rut and havent sewn anything new, so I havent needed any notions. Funny how that works.

We refinanced the car with our bank, now we have lower payments on that plus they gave us $100 for refinancing. I guess that will go toward that damn computer. I see no need for a new one, but he swore he NEEDED it. Need wah wah waaaaahhh. Anyway it will be here later today, so its kind of weighing heavy on my mind. Grr N has a trip for work soon that should give him enough bonus to pay most of it off.

At least we're doing a little Chritmas, I'm hoping not to spend much money at all. I need to get to work on the soaps and paper towels soon. Oh and dig out the list and double check it. AND get N to use his new computer to figure out what pictures he wants on the E calender the grandparents will be getting.

Oh and the Grinch was on a few days ago and I just keep saying to myself... "I must stop Christmas from coming.... but How?!" I dont think that was the moral of the story but that is what has stuck with me.