Friday, March 7, 2008

For me

I want to finish these projects: MY quilt, MY wallet, and hoop up some of MY favorite fabrics to decorate MY sewing area. Ha Ha notice a pattern? I also want to start cutting some 4” squares for a massive patchwork quilt. Oh and soap I want to make some yummy honey and oatmeal soap.

Really I want to make a change around here. I’m tired of being tired and unhappy. I’ve really been making an effort to find my way out for a while. And I think I see the light.

Yesterday on my lovely DSD board, someone linked this blog: and I was taken in all day. I read and read and just fell in love with a lot of it. But I needed more so I followed her links to blogs she loves and found ... I want to be this woman. LOL Seriously she is intelligent, loving and crafty. She takes fab pictures and writes engrossing blog entries.

Oh and did I mention her house… from the glimpses we see in her pictures I love it. It is a HOME. Often times I feel like this house isn’t a home… it’s a deathtrap on a hill that wreaks of drywall and new. Oh with giant floating dustpuppies that I can keep up with. But what these blogs made me think about is how much I want my home to feel like home. Matchy matchyness be damned I want to fill my home with things I love, and in a way I love.

The problem with that is our current money situation. Somehow we wound up owing the government for all the useless roadwork they did last year. (You know if I it was healthcare(!) I might feel less bitter.) And our heater broke a few weeks ago and it ate up a good part of my bday money for my camera. L So right now we are just trying to save our way into a comfy little nest and at the same time a Rebel XTi. Ha, all the beans (and farting) will be worth it when I start taking beautiful non blurry orange pictures of my lil bear. So basically I will not be spending money on making my house beautiful. But I will be cashing in that Christmas coupon for a visit to IKEA. Omg only 5 more days til it opens. Woooo.

Also on the down to earth blog she made a wonderful post about how we view housework. And while I should dig it out and link it here I’d rather you peruse her wonderful blog yourself. Hehe Basically it is never ending… so stop trying to finish. Ahhh that’s what I needed. I can’t stand to have an unfinished project it haunts me like the ghost-of-projects-long-forgotten, lingering over me as I sleep. But today and yesterday to some extent I stopped pressuring myself to find an end. I do what I can to make my house fun, safe, inviting (to people that don’t object to dog hair), and mine.

Dishes are done, table is cleaned, toys are strewn across the floor and E and I enjoyed a nice long snuggle session looking out at the snow from our snuggly corner on the couch.

Ahh much better. Now if only this damn cold would leave.