Sunday, March 30, 2008


What felt like Spring anyway. A day or so before Easter the tempertures were in the 70s and just lovely. I mean the kind of weather were you want to be outside. And of course we took full advantage of those days with lots of running around in my parents yard.

Then Wham! (not the band) cold. Cold and wind came back just in time for egg hunting. Yikes. Quick find the eggs before your nose freezes off. All in all a good holiday weekend. Until....

We spent the next weeks puking and pooing our guts out simultaneuosly. Thanks for the stomach virus J and A. You knew your child was sick so you still bring it over to infect the entire family. And I mean entire, I dont think anyone was left out of this pukefest, even the in laws got involved. Fortunatly my grandparents were spared. I guess it is a good thinkg E was being so shy.

So it's still cold and we're all a little sick. But I've still got my fingers crossed for warmer weather.

Oh and I finally made a loaf of bread. Not a hard disgusting brick of flour and water but a nice loaf, which when smothered with creamcheese and strawberries makes a delicious snack.