Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stil working things out

So last night as I lay in bed working out some rules, and how Christmas gifts would go, I realized something. My Moms birthday is in about a Month. What in the world should I get her?

And about 5 minutes ago I decided I would have E draw her a picture, and then I would trace that picture and embroider it onto some of the tan fabric I already have and leave it in the hoop so it cant be a decoration of sorts. :) What I need to do now though is gather up all the embroidery thread I have so I can only give E those colors to draw with. Ha Ha

I also wanted to make a nice pretty list of the rules:

- No buying anything outside of needs (food, gas)

- Can eat out one time a week, if Taco Loco prefereably during lunch hour (for cheaper)

- Can do 1 trade a month that involves me paying shipping. A FFS will count as that trade. Can do trades heavy on my end to avoid shipping cost.

- Money made from PP will be transfered to bank upon reaching a round number

- Cash will go into cash savings for N's computer

- N can buy his birthday present video game, since it has been planned for, for a while, and I can buy notions I need to finish projects.

- **Christmas** 4x E Calender, 4x towel, 2x children toy, 1x something for teen and the last piece to E's set, pack of Chirstmas Cards. Making soap and cookies which I should have already. Might need to buy extra cookie ingredients.

That should do it for now. If I need to add any or make any clarifications I'll just type them into this post and make a brief note of it in the newest post at that time.

Good Luck us!