Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First real test

E and I went grocery shopping this morning. And I stuck to the list. Woot! Actually the only real temptation was "Goldfish" since when E saw them she started yell "GoFish!! GoFish!!!" Is that rabbit over there? No. Sorry hun a half a cup of crackers is just not worth a dollar.

Oh and there was a mum stand on the way home, but really I'm like the kiss of death for plants. It's a good thing for them I'm on a no spend.

So far so good, so whats that 2 days down. LOL

Oh and I used up this months trade on a ffs sparrows apron. I am so excited!

Oh and I just want to briefly mention how I make my grocery list. Basically I make a list of dinner options usually about 2 weeks worth (which is about 9 meals since we eat leftovers a lot.) Then I go through each recipe in my head, and note what I need for it. Checking my pantry as I go so I dont double up on anything. For breakfast we pretty much stick to cereal or oatmeal so I restock on those if needed. And lunch is sandwichs or leftovers. And sometimes Ramen. So tasty for 18 cents.

I know I used to just go to the grocery store and wing it and this helps soo much. I have a list of meals for DH to pick from and I know I have everything to make them. So much more simple. :)