Saturday, March 12, 2011

I blame the flu

Yes thats right I blame me not posting for a month on the flu. Wow it really has been a month.
I think it was the next morning after that post I woke up with a terrible migraine and fevers. I called Nate home from work and when he finally got home (each minute was like an eternity) I went to my room and began wharfing. Ahh sick... so so so much fun. I stayed there my bed for about a week. And then felt like crap for another 2. Then I was just too darn lazy to come blog. Oh that and the rest of the family took turns getting sick as well. But not M, she was protected by Super Mama Milk!

I've accomplished amazingly little for a month to have gone by. My squares are all cut out and laying on the ironing board. I dont know that I've even sewn anything of consequence. I replaced some elastic in the legs of an old diaper. I need to do the back as well but not sure how to get in there. I hemmed 3 sides of a wrap. And now I'm thinking it's too long and I should cut about 12" off, maybe more. Annnddd.... I think thats it. Wow, thats terrible. I have so many things cut out and they're just kind of piling up.

This Thursday is a 2k or a 3k (I'm not sure which and I'm too lazy to look it up)that I had planned on running in. However between my being sick and not training like I should've and the addition of 2 little girls, I will not be. (I'm sorry that sentence is formated so terribly. I'm so sleepy right now.) Instead I will be walking and pushing the littles and doing every trick in the mama book to keep M from screaming her head off.

M is an angry elf.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thats not a mess

Its the creative mind at work. No actually its mostly a mess. After a weekend away our house is always a disaster on Mondays. The drive home is so long that by the time we are here unloading the car is well... it's half assed. Drag the crap into the nearest doorway and call it done. Add to that, that no matter how little we take with us we always come home with a car load. What can I say people like to buy my deliciously cute little girls things. What they really need is an extra room to put all these things in.

Anyway, went way off track there. I decided that my next quilt had to be pinwheels and after reading way too many quilting blogs I stumbled upon this awesome tutorial/quilt a long.
(I tried to make that clickable for you, but I am blogger inept.)

Its completely perfect for a newbie like me. So I picked a color scheme and went to Joanns. Yes yes I know Joanns blech. I'm POOR and my town doesn't have a quilt shop. Cut me some slack. The selection in my desired color scheme was abysmal at best. But I'm going to make it work. (Tim Gunn) So tonight I'm cutting out my two Block Ones. I'm excited about this so it may get to skip ahead in the too sew pile.

We shall see. Now if only I could get my ass in gear and get more than the bare minimum done around here I wouldn't feel so bad about taking a day to just sew sew sew.

M is asleep so mommy code dictates that I sleep now or forfeit my right to bitch about being tired tomorrow. I choose sleep!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt...

Got to get this body of mine back into shape. Baby is half to blame, and the other half is me eating massive amounts of crap to keep myself awake after baby. Going to sign up for the Frankfort Trifecta, and the first race is March 17th. So umm yea barely over a month away. I have got to get on the ball... or eliptical. Ha Ha

I've been doing the 30 day shred video for the last week and holy moly. The first couple days I hurt soo bad. Soo bad. I'm still not doing great but I'm doing and thats what really counts. Tommorow I think I'll see how hard I can go on the elipitcal for 30 minutes and just alternate between the two exercises. And maybe if it decides to be unseasonably nice out and M decides to be unseasonably well behaved, then I can get out and actually run a bit.

Go me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh my crap!!

2 post in one day! Why Yes because I just have to share


I stumbled upon this site earlier: Wow so I guess I should start saving now because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to have ALL of these. Squeee! Want Want Want!

I'm not dead yet...

Yea I'm still here. Been sewing up some of the little easy to mark off the list type thing. Made Miriam a sleep sack since she's gotten too big for her swaddler. Also tested a new pattern from Bonnie at Its a romper and coveralls and they are awesome. I want to sew up a few more but my snap thinger is terrible. I need to upgrade and get some dies for my press. Plus my sewing list is still 5 miles long.

I've got several things cut out and waiting for me to sew them. And then I've got several more all planned out and laying on the table to be cut. It's a sickness I tell you. A SICKNESS.

Anyway just wanted to post since I hadn't for a while. And I wish I had pictures but the camera and I have been having some disagreements. Like, for instance, I want it to take a picture that doesn't look like shit. And it wants me to ... well I don't know what it wants and I think that's the problem. Grah!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes, yes you do

I have too many hobbies. Or things I want to be hobbies... or something like that. Lets see I sew clothes and diapers, quilt, knit, spin, run (lol at that one recently) photography.. hmm I'm sure there is more but my brain, she is fried.

I keep adding more crap to my want to do list, and then I forget and dont do it. And then I add more on to the list.
The current list:
Carseat blanket
Sleep sack
Make soap
make a soap mold
Lotion bars
Mitten garland
finish knitting UFOs or frog them
stacked coin or charm square quilt
land and sea quilt for Miriams bed
Save selvedges for possible future quilt
Sparrow quilt
Pinwheel with parisville fabrics
pillowcase for E's bed
Diapers! Medium Diapers
declutter house

Ugh see, it's neverending. If I did half as much as I though about doing I'd well.. have a ton of shit done.

And now I leave you with the fruits of many hours of planning. Ahh Paint how I love thee...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Before and After...



*Please ignore Snoopy's apprent dispair at the removal of the towel.

It's amazing how accustomed I had grown to having a raggy dirty old towel in my floor. For a month or so now we've had towels shoved against the base of our exterior doors in hopes of keeping some of the cold air out.
This morning E and I got to work on some draft stoppers. I cut them out and sewed them and then E and I stuffed them together. (I stuffed, she played games with the stuffing, BUT she attempted to help. <3 ) It's actually a really simple project, cut a piece of fabric the width of the doorway (plus an inch for seams) by about 6 1/2 inches. Sew right sides together, leaving a short side open then turn and stuff away. The turning and stuffing is by far the hardest part. Once stuffed turn the ends inward and sew closed. You could topstitch the other end if the mis-matched ends bothered you. For now mine are just filled with poly-fil but I'm considering throwing a little rice in there for weight. I'm more concerned with having enough rice for our planned meals so I'm in no hurry to try this out.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh dear..

Oh dear sweet little blog, how I have neglected you. *shakes head forlornly* So much has happened since the last posting.

My father passed away on November 26th, 2009, Thanksgiving. There are so many words and yet none.

E keeps growing and growing.

A new little one has come along, M.

And N still tolerates me. Ha Ha

I thought I might try this blogging thing again. I need a place to talk about all the things that no one in real life want to hear me ramble on about. I have a craft list 5 miles long but never seem to have time to do any of it. Hello procrastination, why don't they make a pill for you?

The last few days I have become a bit obsessed with the idea of making a lone star quilt. The IDEA of it. I'm not exactly sure how I will/would do with the actual act of it. But for now I am enjoying plotting and planning and fantasizing about all the new neat crafty things I just NEED to make it.

But in the meantime I decided to knock a few of those nagging little things of the list (post it note on my desktop.) Today I started a pair of cute little outfits for my M and another to gift to someone. The fabric for the top is in the dryer now, so maybe I'll have some finished pictures to show off tomorrow.