Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our first hit

So I had planned on going to a friends wedding this weekend but it is currently looking like a no go. We dont have the money for the gas, and would have to drive back that night anyway. Instead we're going to stay home and chill, and maybe MIL will stop by and play with E on Saturday.

Also I edited the christmas rule: removed 1x E calender and added 1x something for teen

Stil working things out

So last night as I lay in bed working out some rules, and how Christmas gifts would go, I realized something. My Moms birthday is in about a Month. What in the world should I get her?

And about 5 minutes ago I decided I would have E draw her a picture, and then I would trace that picture and embroider it onto some of the tan fabric I already have and leave it in the hoop so it cant be a decoration of sorts. :) What I need to do now though is gather up all the embroidery thread I have so I can only give E those colors to draw with. Ha Ha

I also wanted to make a nice pretty list of the rules:

- No buying anything outside of needs (food, gas)

- Can eat out one time a week, if Taco Loco prefereably during lunch hour (for cheaper)

- Can do 1 trade a month that involves me paying shipping. A FFS will count as that trade. Can do trades heavy on my end to avoid shipping cost.

- Money made from PP will be transfered to bank upon reaching a round number

- Cash will go into cash savings for N's computer

- N can buy his birthday present video game, since it has been planned for, for a while, and I can buy notions I need to finish projects.

- **Christmas** 4x E Calender, 4x towel, 2x children toy, 1x something for teen and the last piece to E's set, pack of Chirstmas Cards. Making soap and cookies which I should have already. Might need to buy extra cookie ingredients.

That should do it for now. If I need to add any or make any clarifications I'll just type them into this post and make a brief note of it in the newest post at that time.

Good Luck us!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Spending

..or should I say minimally spending. Inspired by a Dawn from DSD we're going to go on a no spend. But since we are wusses and wishy washy it's not quite a no spend.
Basically, we've talked about exceptions. Such as notions for sewing for me. No new fabric but notions I can buy. Nate can get the game he has been planning to buy for his birthday but the release date was pushed back into OCT. Also Nate is set on the idea that he needs a new computer around the end of the year. Sigh I could say No but I know it wouldnt make a difference.

We also have to have our weekly Taco Loco fix. LOL or some other form of me not cooking at least once a week. Also Christmas, sigh what to do about Christmas. I think a lot of people will be getting Elora calenders, the others towels (hey everyone loves a nice fluffy towel), and the kids something around 10$ each (D&S), I'll get a pack of Chritsmas cards and the missing piece of E's set and be done with it. Its frustrating that it has turned into a chore, but I'm tired of trying so hard every year to feel like people dont really give a shit. Meh at least its planned out, and I hope to be done with it soon. Maybe I'll do my Xmas shopping when I'm in a spendy mood and know I cant buy anything else.

Tommorow I'm going to have to clean the house (its a shit hole after today's decluttering fest) and then get a grip on all the medical bills. And draw out a budget, see where we are at and create a goal amount to be put toward the CC. Once thats paid off we'll either focus on one of the cars, or start a stash, but first things first I want that damn CC paid OFF!

Oh and since I breifly mentioned medical bills, N is going to have to have hip surgery. Apparently the bones are misshapen and will continue to get worse til he eventually needs total hip replacement unless he is does this now. As far as I know this surgery is going to require them cutting him open and popping his legs out of the socket then grinding the bones down. Needless to say we are all worried about it, he hasnt scheduled it yet but is looking at somewhere around Thanksgiving. Ugh poor boy has some crappy crap medical problems.