Thursday, October 9, 2008

Half a month down..

and so far so good. I was just thinking about how boring my no spend blog can become. I mean we dont do much and how does one write about not spending money. Ha. I'm sure there will be something to write about once I find something I "need."

So far I havent even needed notions to finish any projects. And thats cool with me Joanns is like a black hole. You step in the door and already 15 minutes have passed and things you dont recall putting in your cart are there.

Ah and above is E in her sweet new Brobee costume.

Monday, October 6, 2008

1 week in

So far, so good. We used our dinner out last week on a 10 piece chicken nugget. Ha Ha Oh well at least it was cheap.

At the last minute I decided to got to my friends wedding. And I am sooo glad I did. It was cool to see everyone and we did some hanging out before and after.

Usually when we drive down there for the weekend we end up spending money on all sorts of un-needed junk. This weekend we did really good. :) I did got to yard sales with my mom. Fortunatly not much tempting me. Though my mom did buy me a Bules Traveler cd and a cd case (a whole $1.50) and E some little people. (About 10 different ones for $1) So while I didnt spend I did get some new things, which kind of feels like cheating.

Hmm what else... oh yea I sold some patterns to help fund the gas for the trip. Which reminds me that gas was only 3.19 today when I drove to town. I really shouldve filled up but I only have the card for the second bank account with me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First real test

E and I went grocery shopping this morning. And I stuck to the list. Woot! Actually the only real temptation was "Goldfish" since when E saw them she started yell "GoFish!! GoFish!!!" Is that rabbit over there? No. Sorry hun a half a cup of crackers is just not worth a dollar.

Oh and there was a mum stand on the way home, but really I'm like the kiss of death for plants. It's a good thing for them I'm on a no spend.

So far so good, so whats that 2 days down. LOL

Oh and I used up this months trade on a ffs sparrows apron. I am so excited!

Oh and I just want to briefly mention how I make my grocery list. Basically I make a list of dinner options usually about 2 weeks worth (which is about 9 meals since we eat leftovers a lot.) Then I go through each recipe in my head, and note what I need for it. Checking my pantry as I go so I dont double up on anything. For breakfast we pretty much stick to cereal or oatmeal so I restock on those if needed. And lunch is sandwichs or leftovers. And sometimes Ramen. So tasty for 18 cents.

I know I used to just go to the grocery store and wing it and this helps soo much. I have a list of meals for DH to pick from and I know I have everything to make them. So much more simple. :)