Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did I mention that not spending is boring.

Yea that, its boring. Ha Ha Anyway, its kind of second nature at this point. We have no needs being unmet. And no pressing wants, well not material ones anyway. I want my house to be spic and span...hmm maybe that is material.

I just wish a little floor cleaning fairy would visit my house every few nights. Floors are not my thing, even when I do try to keep a clean floor I just have a smeary floor with dog hair tumbleweeds. You just cant catch them!

And I do need to get a picture uploaded every now and then. Might spice this place up a bit.

Yea just a mini update to put off folding clothes a little longer. :)


Life is Sew Crazy! said...

Man! I have doggie tumble-weeds too!

I love my swiffer wet-jet for my floors, but I hate cleaning floors daily - and in a house with two kids, a dog, and two cats - if I don't do it daily it looks like we got a new rug, with fashionable food splatters all over it!