Monday, January 26, 2009

Yum Yum Fiesta!

So an innocent discovery while scouring a junk store led me to a new obsession; Fiestaware! So purty. Last summer my mom and I were looking for a sand box for E, and stopped at a junk store. This is not just any junk store this is THE junkstore. And for anyone that knows where I am from, it should go without saying that it was Calvin's. Though now that I think about it I don't know what the real name of the place is. Everyone locally refers to it by the owners full name. And the junk has long been piled higher than the name painted on the building. Hmm now I'm curious.

Let me paint a picture of this place for those who haven't seen it. Imagine a building with rooms randomly built on for years. Imagine none of those rooms being built to code. More or less just stuck on in the cheapest easiest way possible and making very little sense in the overall flow. (Kind of like my first Sims house.) K got it... now imagine this building on the side of a hill.. well cliff but just a cliff high enough to kill you if you fall off. Maybe a couple hundred feet. Yea that's it. And imagine that when you go inside each room has its own slant, so you windup walking like you're sailing on rough seas. K sufficiently scared enough to never take your children inside? But the catch is, he has some really great finds in there (And some things that should long ago been dumpstered.)

Well anyway, my mom and I decided to stop to see if they had a sandbox. (They didn't.) So we wondered around a bit. Well downstairs and about three rooms back, in a room that feels oddly like its about to slide over the hill, is fiesta. Each wall has 4 shelves running the length of the room, each about 24" deep, stacked with fiesta. The middle of the room is filled with old records, but I ignore them. I am there for the dishes.

I had always admired fiestaware, but put that aside because of the price. And did so on the day I found it as well. Months past and then for Christmas I got money for a present from several people, because apparently I'm hard to buy for. So one cold morning my Mom and I bundled up and went to the hole in the ground where they hide the dishes. Ha Ha

Knowing the I was going to hang my quilt in the dining area and planned to make matching placemats, I picked a few pieces that I could set out and coordinate with that color scheme. 2 teacups, 2 chili bowls, and 4 saucers was my haul for the day. And best of all only cut $21 out of my Christmas money. Well the poor dishes had to wait nearly 3 weeks before I finished my placemats, but I finally did.

And I loved it. So much so that I decided I needed to go back for more. I still had $30 stashed away from Christmas, and with very little convincing my Mom and I journeyed back, back into the mines of Moi.... umm I mean the basement of the junkstore. Once we got there my Mom informed me that she wanted to get me some fiesta for my bday so pick out what I wanted. Woots. So with some digging and thinking I wound up with plates, 4 cereal bowls, 1 large serving type bowl and a mug. This time I decided to go for colors I didn't have yet. The total this time $23. Ha I love the way the owner adds up prices, he looks at what you are holding, mumbles a few numbers knocking a bit off verbally. (exp "$3 minus 50c") I told my Mom later that perhaps next time we should get even more, since he seems to have a set price for an armload of fiesta.
This weeks haul:
And all together now:
Ahhh, So purty! I have to invite someone over to show them off now. And I have so much more to write after slacking for a couple weeks, but this post is already overly long. So hopefully more tommorow.
** For some reason my pictures are being cut off.. boo!**


Josie said...

wow that is so pretty!!! Wish we had an eating area that nice!!