Friday, January 9, 2009

Help I'm drowning in junk

The thing with decluttering is everytime I commit myself to doing it, I dont. Ha I really really need to just get on it. I want to do it Clean Sweep style drag it all out to the lawn and then only put back what needs to be in there. But thats not possible for a few reasons, the weather is crappy, even on a nice day to get the stuff outside we'd have to go down our awkward and steep deck stairs, and as soon as the first box landed in the front yard the neighbors would think it was a yard sale. Its funny cause its true. But the number one reason is I just can not get N on board. He doesnt get that drowning in shit feeling I get. Actually he's quite the opposite. Afraid to get rid of anything. I mean we still have crab nets from when we lived in WA. We live in KY, the only crabs around here are the... umm lets just not go there. he he

Anyway so what I'm doing is putting it in writing yet again. I need to declutter this place. I need to for me. I would like to have it done by Spring so when my mom does her spring yardsale we can tag team it. Last time I was gutsy enough to put it in writing I did pretty well for a few weeks so some places in the house should be a breeze. But others (closets!) are going to be tough.

E's room is also going to be tough. She just has too much stuff. Mounds of junky toys she never even sees. I need to just let them go. Its me hanging onto them. Not her. When I brought all of the tons of stuff home from Christmas I was almost sick. She did not need all this, it wont even fit in her giant toy bin thinger from IKEA. And that should be the thing that limits us. But I hate to get rid of things that have been given to us. I'm afraid of the person that gave it to us being hurt or getting angry. But c'mon we've got some givey people in our family and its piling up.

Ok I know I'm just rambling now, so I'm going to hop off here and try to make it look like I've done something today.